AndreyPhoto ZenPhoto Theme

This theme has a few neat aesthetic features:
  • First three album thumbnails are very large - a nice "Tada" effect
  • Large random image thumbnail right below - something new every refresh
  • Four next thumbnails are also quite big
  • The rest of the albums are displayed in a neat list below
  • Lovely sky background with a little cloud :)
  • Header fades to grey - focus is drawn towards the images instead
  • Large thumbnails neatly organized
  • Background goes to dark colors - the image is the focus
  • Breadcrumb trail of where you are
The rest of the theme is pretty standard, wonderful ZenPhoto!

  • Unzip into your themes folder.
  • Go to ZenPhoto admin, options and choose AndreyPhoto as your theme.
  • Go to Options > Theme, and set Thumbnails Per Page to 999.
  • Modify the homepage text in index.php (around line 70).
This theme is available for free to everyone. You can use, modify and distribute this theme freely as long as the credit lines at the footer of each page remain unchanged. All the images are copyrighted by, and may only be used in the context of this theme. If you have and questions, see contact info below.

That's it! Enjoy!

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Note: definitely compatible with

random photo: sunset orange red silhouette wide
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